Hi everyone! A new version of Chrono Divide has been made available recently by their staff.

Chrono Divide is a web browser recreation of Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 made by fans. You can play skirmish and multiplayer matches with the Allies and Soviets if you have the mix files from Red Alert 2. Here are the official words about Chrono Divide 0.4:

Version 0.40
29 Nov, 2022
Bug fixes
  • Units will no longer try to auto-acquire targets not in the line of sight
  • Units on the lower ground should no longer have a line of sight to units on cliffs in some cases
  • Corrected hovercraft elevation when spawned below a high bridge
  • Dolphin's sonic attack should not damage dreadnought missiles on launch
  • Fixed an error caused by despawned units not being removed from the selection

  • A warning will be shown in the replay list when browser storage is full.
  • Improved error handling and messages

For further information about Chrono Divide, visit its Official Website. Play the latest version of Chrono Divide Here. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy Chrono Divide!

Greetings, commander! The staff from Chrono Divide has recently updated Chrono Divide to version 0.39.1. Chrono Divide is a web browser recreation of Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 made by fans. it features Allies, and Soviets, allowing you to play skirmish and multiplayer matches as long as you have the mix files from Red Alert 2. Here is the change log with the newest Chrono Divide versions:

Version 0.39.1
26 Nov, 2022
Bug fixes

  • Fixed importing game files located under generally restricted folders (e.g., Program Files (x86))
  • Music files that cannot be imported will now be skipped instead of throwing a fatal error
  • Sidebar cameo should be correctly re-enabled after a unit with BuildLimit is destroyed inside a transport vehicle

Version 0.39
24 Nov, 2022


  • Harvesters should now deal with traffic congestion a bit better
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Spawned Hornets should follow their Aircraft Carrier more closely when returning
  • Starting options like credits and starting units are now sanitized on the server
  • Improved the clarity of some error messages
  • Low graphics settings will only be suggested when a low-end GPU is detected for the first time

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing aircraft to be stuck flying in circles
  • Drones should be allowed to force-fire ground, enabling them to dodge air-to-ground missiles more easily
  • Aircraft teleported with the Chronosphere should no longer levitate in some cases
  • Fixed importing game files from some portable versions which contain empty music files

Version 0.38
16 Nov, 2022

New maps

  • Near Ore Far (2-6)
  • Near Ore Far (2-8)
  • Heck Freezes Over Corners B (2-4)
  • Heck Freezes Over Corners B Golden (2-4)

Features and improvements

  • Added alternate mouse control scheme (RMB to attack/move)
  • Added option to enable/disable RMB map scrolling
  • Improved replay storage limits

Bug fixes

  • Fixed several game crashes caused by units moving outside the map limits
  • Team dropdown should be correctly initialized when joining a game room
  • Fixed some UI styling issues on the Safari browser
  • Fixed command bar buttons flickering on viewport size changes
  • Building rubble should no longer cause units to have a hidden/behind animation
  • Observers should be able to join game rooms even when all combatant slots are taken
  • Fixed cases of objects disappearing near the screen edge
  • Fixed a rare client desync caused by resources not being properly cleaned up after a load error

You can learn more about Chrono Divide by visiting the Official Website. Chrono Divide is playable at This Address. And this is all for today! Enjoy Chrono Divide and provide your feedback about it so it can get better.

Now Streaming: Robot Storm-X
Nov 21, 2022 - 11:42
Hello everyone! The celebrations of the Anniversary of Red Alert continue with Robot Storm-X. Its author shows an overview of the mod. And it is already happening.

Hello everyone! The celebrations of the Anniversary of Red Alert start today. There will be two streams: One of them, with Aceypaul, will cover Scorched Earth, and the other will be Extreme Starry.

Scorched Earth's stream should start at 9:00 PM GMT. It might be more fun to watch than Qatar vs. Equator, the best world soccer classic match that will change your knowledge of the game with the most skilled players in the world (yes, there is some strong sarcasm here, but I'm sure this world cup will offer better matches than this one).


Regarding Extreme Starry's stream, here's all the information I have so far:


It should also be streamed by Aceypaul after Scorched Earth's play time ends.

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Members of the Command & Conquer community will start celebrating the anniversary of the Red Alert games in the following days, starting tomorrow. Red Alert 2's birthday already happened on October 23th (22 years old), while Red Alert 3's was on October 28th (14 years old), and Red Alert 1's will be celebrated on November 22nd (26 years old). There will be tournaments, game night events, and videos spotlighting mods and their features. Here's the calendar of the event:

Check PPM daily for further information on each of the mini-events and the official date that will still be announced of Chrono Divide, if it happens.

Welcome back, commander! A new version of Chrono Divide was published by the end of the last month by their team. For those unfamiliar with it, Chrono Divide is a web browser recreation of Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 made by fans. it features Allies and Soviets, allowing you to play skirmish and multiplayer matches as long as you have the mix files from Red Alert 2. Here is the official announcement from Chrono Divide's staff about Chrono Divide 0.37:

Version 0.37
29 Oct, 2022

Features and improvements

  • For a limited time, crates are really spooky (courtesy of CnCNet)
  • Added "Team Alliance" game mode (YR port)
  • Added command bar to in-game HUD
  • Multiplayer beacon placement is now a targeted command
  • Added visual indicator for units obscured by structures
  • Added option to change the size of the game viewport
  • Added basic replay playback controls
  • Units will now re-check the position of their target more often when attacking
  • Replaced the standard HTML select with a custom-skinned component


Bug fixes

  • Repairing a building while under the effect of temporal weapons should no longer crash the game
  • Fixed several cases in which map areas found under the effect of the Gap Generator were not correctly updated
  • Production facilities should now have their rally point reset when issued a Stop (S) command
  • Harvesters issued a guard command (G) that will no longer move towards the last known ore patch location but instead search around their current position
  • Joining a full game room will now properly eject the player instead of breaking the observer slot in some cases
  • Added corrections to Attack-Move (Ctrl+Shift+LMB) behavior
  • Encountering a hostile obstacle will no longer cause a unit to ignore the attack range of its weapon
  • Units should no longer be highlighted when promoted to veteran status but only on elite status instead
  • Units such as Crazy Ivan should no longer retaliate when damaged by friendly-fire
  • Fixed an issue preventing Crazy Ivan from exploding on death
  • Fixed a replay crash when multiple events occur at the same time
  • Terror drones affected by Iron Curtain should now survive the destruction of their host
  • Harvesters will now automatically gather any ore under them after a successful Move, Attack-Move, or Scatter command
  • Fixed a rare client desync caused by changing network conditions while the browser tab is inactive


New maps

  • Rekoool fast (2-6)
  • Rekoool fast (2-8)

You can check more information about Chrono Divide and play it by visiting the Official Website. And that's all regarding Chrono Divide for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Chrono Divide!

One vision, one purpose! The staff from Notepad++ has been working hard these days, and they have just posted Notepad++ v8.4.7. Notepad++ is a free and open-source code editor and Notepad replacement that runs on Windows. It supports several programming languages, multiple tabs, plugins, and is based on the powerful editing component Scintilla.

Here is the official announcement from Notepad++'s staff about Notepad++ v8.4.7:

A printing issue due to the Change History feature has been fixed in the 8.4.7 release.
A long-time issue, “empty session” because of forced Windows update restart, has also been fixed in this version.
Large file restriction is configurable, and Column Editor settings are remembered through the sessions.
There are more bug fixes and new features.

And the changelog:


Fix the empty session issue due to a forced Windows update restart. (Fix #9850, #12389, #5737, #4148, #2730… and much more)
Fix printing with extra background colors issue due to Change History. (Fix #12281)
Update to scintilla 5.3.1 and lexilla 5.2.0. (Implement #12327)
Updated nlohmann JSON to 3.11.2 and boost to 1.80.0. (Implement #12271, #12273)
Make large file restrictions configurable. (Fix #11389, #12260, #11670)
Optimize open/save large files time. ( Commit)
Remember Column Editor settings throughout the sessions. (Implement #12386)
Fix the plugin admin search issue. (Fix #12375)
Installer enhancement: prevent arm64 installer from installing on non-ARM64 system. (Fix #12320)
Installer enhancement: remember the “Don’t use_%APPDATA%” option. (Fix #12202)
Add new API NPPM_GETBOOKMARKID for getting bookmark ID. (Fix Commit)
Enhance the “Go To” dialog: update line/position data dynamically. (Fix #12284)
Fix lines hiding issue. (Fix #12184, #8149)
Fix language detected from content not applied if the default language is set. (Fix #11504)
Fix long filters that get truncated in the Find in Files feature. (Fix #12041)
Add ESC Key for aborting the “Move to Recycle Bin” confirmation prompt. (Fix #12117)

I am a hard-core user of this, and I just wish they could allow us to fully disable that nasty tab switch feature with mouse right-click and scrolling.

You can find more information about Notepad++ by visiting the Official Website. Download the latest version of Notepad++ Here. That's all folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on Notepad++!

Greetings, Comrade General! The staff from Dream Textures has recently released Dream Textures v0.0.8. For those unaware, Dream Textures is a plugin for Blender that uses AI Generative Adversarial Networks to generate realistic-looking concept art, background assets, and more for Blender from a simple text prompt. It allows you to create textures that tile perfectly with no visible seam by using the 'Seamless' option. You can also use it to create quick variations on an existing texture. It requires GPUs with a massive amount of RAM to generate big textures (about 12GB or higher for 512x512 textures). Here are the goodies that comes with Dream Textures v0.0.8:

This update includes seamless upscaling, an improved render pass, a redesigned "Source Image" panel, model switching, DreamStudio integration, and more!

Choose Your Installation
Several versions are available. Find the one that will work for you.



  • Dream Textures for Windows (CUDA) - Local and cloud rendering with NVIDIA CUDA

    • Due to file size limits on GitHub, the add-on ZIP file is contained in a 7-Zip archive.

    • Install 7-Zip, right click on the downloaded dream_textures-windows-cuda.7z archive, select "7-Zip" > "Extract Here" to get the dream_textures-windows-cuda.zip file.

    • In Blender preferences open "Add-ons" > "Install...", then choose the dream_textures-windows-cuda.zip file.

  • Dream Textures for DreamStudio (Windows) - Cloud rendering with DreamStudio



Note Local generation is not available for Intel


Apple Silicon (M1/M2)

Installation must be completed manually. Follow the instructions under Contributing for more details.

After installing the appropriate add-on ZIP file, enable the add-on and expand it's preferences. There you will find further instructions for setup.

Local Generation
To setup local generation, you will need a model checkpoint file, such as:

  • Stable Diffusion v1.4

    • Download the file sd-v1-4.ckpt, and import it in the add-on preferences

  • Stable Diffusion v1.5

    • Download the file v1-5-pruned-emaonly.ckpt, and import it in the add-on preferences

  • Fine-tuned model

    • Other fine-tuned models compatible with Stable Diffusion can be imported as well.

DreamStudio Generation
To setup DreamStudio integration, find your API key and enter it in the add-on preferences.

What's New
Seamless Upscaling
Check "Seamless" to ensure tileable results from the AI upscaler.

Render Pass Color Management
Color Management settings are now correctly applied when using the Dream Textures render pass. This change is automatically applied, and ensures results match between manual runs of Dream Textures and automated runs via the render pass.

Advanced Presets
Choose defaults and create your own presets for advanced configuration.

File Batch and Iterations
Use a text file to run multiple prompts in a row, and set Iterations above 1 to try multiple seeds without interacting with the UI.

Init Image Redesign and Outpainting
The redesigned "Source Image" panel makes manipulating images easier to use. Various bugs regarding the "Mark Inpaint Area" brush have been resolved. Outpainting allows images to be extended beyond their original size. The "Prompt" mask source when inpainting allows you to choose a region to inpaint with a simple text prompt instead of a manual alpha-channel mask.

Asymmetric Tiling
Tile along a single axis, or both for the original behavior. This can give interesting results for images such as infinitely scrolling backgrounds, decals, and more.

DreamStudio Integration
Connect your DreamStudio account to generate in the cloud. This is optional, and separate lighter builds with the DreamStudio backend only are provided for users with incompatible hardware.

Model Switching
Import multiple models and switch between them quickly to experiment with fine-tuned and updated checkpoints.

Full Changelog

New Contributors

Full Changelog: 0.0.7...0.0.8

You can find more information about Dream Textures by visiting the Official Website. You can download Dream Textures v0.0.8 Here. And this is all for today! Enjoy Dream Textures and provide your feedback about it so it can get better.