Hello everyone! We are starting the second week of the celebration of the anniversaries of Red Alert games (1, 2, and 3). This week will have several popular Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge mods such as Mental Omega, Rise of the East, C&C Reloaded, and D-Day (although this is related to the CnCNet version from twistedconversion and not anything organized by MigEater, the original author of D-Day). Here's the schedule for the second week:

And here are the details for week 2, times in GMT:

Wednesday, November 17th:

14:00 - 15:30: Final War mod overview by DannyDanku
15:30 - 18:30: Final War stream by SMXReaver

Thursday, November 18th:

20:00 - 21:30: Blue Alert Video by TaxOwlbear

Friday, November 19th:

14:00 - 15:30: Red Alert 20XX mod overview by DannyDanku
17:00 - 22:30: Red Alert 20XX Stream by Kaution

Saturday, November 20th:

10:00 - 12:00: Mental Omega stream by Speeder
14:00 - 15:30: Mental Omega mod overview by DannyDanku
21:30 - 00:00: Red Alert Remastered Tournament Stream by MarkJFox, the vanilla game

Sunday, November 21st:

10:00 - 12:00: Rise of the East stream by ayylmao
14:00 - 15:30: Rise of the East mod overview by DannyDanku

Monday, November 22nd:

14:00 - 15:30: New War overview by DannyDanku
17:00 - 18:30: vs-ini mod overview by DannyDanku

Tuesday, November 23rd:

14:00 - 15:30: D-Day: Multiplayer mod overview by DannyDanku
16:00 - 19:00: D-Day: Multiplayer mod game night and Mapping Contest winners.
20:00 - 21:30: C&C Reloaded: Multiplayer mod overview by DannyDanku

And that's all for now. I've promised to share the videos and I will once I manage to organize my real-life more effectively.

Hello everyone! Today the Command & Conquer community starts to celebrate the anniversaries of Red Alert games (1, 2, and 3) until the end of the month at the so-called Red Revolution. Truth to be said, though, Red Alert 2's birthday already happened on October 23th (21 years old), while Red Alert 3's was on October 28th (13 years old) and Red Alert 1's will be celebrated on November 22nd (25 years old).

Each day will have one or more events that will present great mods and related projects for these games or even projects for other games totally inspired by the Red Alert universe. It works in the same way as the Tiberian Sun 22nd's Anniversary did, however, it will last 3 weeks. So, here's the schedule for the first week:

And here are the details for week 1, times in GMT:

Wedensday, November 10th:

8:00: Opening Video Intro by Genobreaker
9:00: C&C Mod Haven Concept Contest Starts (If you have Discord, check it out here)
19:00 - 22:00: OpenRA Stream by Kaution

Thursday, November 11th:

14:00 - 15:30: The Red Alert mod overview by DannyDanku
19:00 - 22:00: The Red Alert mod Stream by Kaution

Friday, November 12th:

14:00 - 16:00: Combined Arms overview by DannyDanku
20:00 - 22:00: Combined Arms Stream by Kaution

Saturday, November 13th:

19:00 - 23:00: Red Alert 2 League Tournament Stream by MarkJFox, the vanilla game

Sunday, November 14th:

19:00 - 23:00: Red Alert: A Path Beyond Stream/Game Night by W3D Hub

Monday, November 15th:

14:00 - 15:00: jUsT AnOtHeR vErY iMbAlAnCeD mOd overview by DannyDanku
15:30: jUsT AnOtHeR vErY iMbAlAnCeD mOd video presentation
19:00 - 22:00: Global Crisis mod overview by DannyDanku

Tuesday, November 16th:

14:00 - 15:00: Chrono Divided overview by DannyDanku
19:00 - 22:00: Chrono Divided stream by MarkJFox

And that's just the start. We'll have some coverage of this event here in PPM while the Command & Conquer PPM Portal with the Red Alert 2 PPM Portal will also have the videos in a later time, so you can watch them if you miss them. Enjoy it and here's some music for the party!

Danielovich7 (known here at PPM as mtkii) has released a new version of Red Alert 20XX recently. Red Alert 20XX is a modification for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge (with Ares and Phobos) that tweaks the existing factions of the game. The new version 1.0.5 of the mod comes with 99% of the Allies and Soviets factions done, according to the author and the huge change log that you can read below.

= Version 1.0.5 Highlights =

This version focused on two main points : 1. the Allied forces and 2. adding one more unique unit per country.

1. General Mod change

-As started in the last article, the mod has now a new logo, thanks to Yamaneko;
-The mod now runs Phobos More info on what is Phobos can be found here;

2. Allied additions

-Added the Jupiter Cannon for the USA, a mobile Atlas Cannon. It has a load time, using a targeting laser, then fires a smaller version of the Atlas Cannon. Replaces Hypnos Jammer for the USA. You can see it in action here (Credits to Crazy Bird);

-Added the Foxteam Sniper for the USA, which replaces the Sniper. It uses regular a sniper versus infantry, and an anti-tank rifle when deployed which 100% kill any vehicle driver. It still uses C4 for buildings. You can see it in action here (Credits to DaFool);

-Added the Castello Skyshield for the EU. It replaces the Areoblazer and is the ultimate anti-air unit. You can see it in action here (Credits to Crazy Bird);

-Added the Gladiator DCA for the EU, which replaces the Pillbox for the EU. This defense is power dependant, and uses a fast innacurate MG to shot ground and air target. You can see its old model in action here (Credits to Crazy Bird);

-Added the Fenrir APC for the EU, which overwrite the Tortoise APC. It is equipped with the Gladiator's DCA and fires a AG-AA missile once in a while. It is also amphibious. You can see it in action here (Credits to Yuri_Prime, exclusive to RA20XX);

-Added the Divine Wind Supersonic Bomber for the Pacific Shogunate. It is very fast and deals heavy AoE damage, but is has paper-thin armor. It replaces the Orca Bomber. You can see it in action here (Credits to Crazy Bird);

-Added the Hephaestus, a new Allied support vehicle available with the Service Depot. This unit has an area-repair aura and can spawn 4 MG drones if the Drone Command Center is active. You can see it in action here (Credits to Crazy Bird, exclusive to RA20XX);

-Added the Minerva's Owl as a new unit for the Allied. It requires the Drone Command Center to operate (or the Advanced Armory for the EU). It is armed with a missile interceptor weapon. It will crash if either the Drone Command Center/Advanced Armory is destroyed. You can see it in action here (Credits to cxtian39);

-Added the Tank Bunker, a new defense building for the Allied. Works as the classic Yuri Tank Bunker (image below, credits to MadHQ);

-The Arthemis Launcher now has a new model and fires 6 missiles more quickly. You can see it in action here (Credits to Yuri_Prime, exclusive to RA20XX);

-The Sturmpanzer and its Ace variant now selfheal and drop shell casing. Both have a new voxel. You can see the railgun variant in action here (Credits to Crazy Bird, exclusive to RA20XX);

-The Cerberus MLRS is now the Tsunami MLRS, and is therefore a Pacific Shogunate unique unit. It is a bit slower and has a bit less armor, but also has new model (Credits to NucSpl);

-The Hypnos Jammer has a new model and was buffed. Plus, its range is increased and it will now affect SW buildings (Credits to Yuri_Prime, exclusive to RA20XX);

-The Hover Harvester has a new model (Credits to Crazy Bird);

-The Berzerker now requires the Drone Command Center or the Advanced Armory for the EU, and has a new model. You can see it in action here (Credits to Merophage for the original 3D model);

-The Orca Spectre, now named the Orca Type S, has a new model and uses cluster missiles to hit multiples targets in a large area. You can see it in action here (Credits to Crazy Bird, exclusive to RA20XX);

-The Orca Bomber, now named the Orca Type B, is now available to all Allied countries. You can see it in action here (Credits to Crazy Bird, exclusive to RA20XX);

-The Orca Hunter, now named the Orca Type H, has a new model. You can see it in action here (Credits to Crazy Bird, exclusive to RA20XX);

-The Legion Tank now has a auxiliary defensive system : it can intercept enemy missiles once in a while;

-Some Allied building got a makeover : the Allied Power Plant and its fusion reactor upgrade (credits to Lupin III for the model, exclusive to RA20XX), the Airfield and the Battle Lab (both credits to Scipcion, exclusive to RA20XX) and the Ore Purifier (credit to McPwny);

-The Athena Strike SW was changed, as it now drop more bombs and drops them closer to the designated target;
-The Atlas Cannon now has a new animation and deals more damage, making it a SW on par with the Tactical Nuke. Now takes 10 minutes to recharge. You can see it in action here;
-The Damocles has a new weapon behavior;
-The Gap Generator now causes the Broken Line of Sight debuff, which reduces the ROF of enemy vehicle by 25%. Boosted its power usage. You can see it in action here;
-The Advanced Armory is now a Tier 2 building, and replaces the Drone Command Center;

3. Soviet additions

-Added the Doomsday Device for Russia. It is a new superweapon building that replaces the Nuclear Silo. It launches a weaponized Iron Curtain storm that leaves iron curtain particles on the ground that damage units over time, and causes Iron Curtain effect for a few seconds on vehicles - friends or foes alike. You can see it in action within the lastest article (Credits to MadHQ for the building);

-Added the Sunstorm ICBM for the Eastern Republic. This long range unit must deploy to fire, then launches a high ROF, high AoE missile. It replaces the V3. You can see it in action here (Credits to Yuri_Prime, exclusive to RA20XX);

-Added the Gattling Tank for China. It replaces the Tunguska, but is cheaper and sturdier. It uses a classic single gattling gun that can target ground and air units. You can see it in action here (Credits to Crazy Bird, exclusive to RA20XX);

-Added the Red Brigade, a new tier 1 anti-Tank infantry. It is as competent as the Conscript, but has a anti-vehicle rocket launcher and is way costlier. You can see it in action here (Credits to Augusto);

-The Battlemaster has a new model and is now named the Ursa Major Tank (Credits to Crazy Bird);

-The Terror Drone has a new model (Credits to IcePelosi);
-The Sickle is now a ranged mine layer, with its missiles having 20% chance of placing mines. It can no longer deploy and no longer causes radiation. It now replaces the Antlion Minelayer for the Eastern Republic;
-Making the Sickle now replace the Antlion Minelayer, the Desolator is now pushed as a unique unit that does not replace a core unit, meaning that the Shock Trooper (which it previously replaced) is now available to the Eastern Republic too;

4. Neutral additions

-All Tech Buildings have new models. Some, like the Tech Power Plant or the Tech Outpost, have completely new functions (Credits to EoralMilk for the Tech Hospital, McPwny for the Tech Repair Shop, Trans_C for the Tech Grand Cannon and seven800 for the Tech Industrial Accelerator);

5. Notable graphical, GUI, balance and AI additions

-Brand new loadscreens, by Ocey;
-Added some flashy new explosions FX for buildings and vehicles;
-Added Haubibban's voice acting for the Red Brigade, the Inferno Cannon, the Tunguska, the Pyrocycle and the Piranha;
-Added Flamewh33l's voice acting for the Guardian, the Hoplite, the Castello Skyshield and the Phalanx Fortress;
-Added description tooltips to all units, SW and buildings, thanks to Phobos;
-Added a new active harvester counter, thanks to Phobos;
-Having multiple factory of a certain type will give a better bonus to production speed;
-Removed the ability to build base near tech buildings;
-New ore spawning rules : it will now spawn in bigger patches;
-Complete rework of the AI Attack Teams, which will include a better use of the new units;
-Changed the dispersion of AI attacks teams in their own base to prevent cluttering;
-Many, many, many more changes, which can be seen in the Readme file of the mod, or here.

Enjoy the mod!

You can download the latest version of the mod here. Have fun!

After many months of mapping and scripting, our modding team - Mentalmeisters - is happy to announce that the end of our two-act campaign for Red Alert 2 is now available for download! Version 3.3.6 is out! Remember, it is a patch for the base release of Mental Omega 3.3.0, so make sure to have that one first!

This retold story of the conflict between the Allies, the Soviets and Yuri's Epsilon has reached its finale, with a set of brand new 9 massive and complex singleplayer missions. With this final addition to Act Two, the Mental Omega campaign now consists of 133 missions total: 97 singleplayer and 36 for cooperative.

Mental Omega Patch 3.3.6 (Manual Update)

- Allied Mission 23: Withershins
- Allied Mission 24: Hamartia (Finale)
- Soviet Mission 23: Fatal Impact
- Soviet Mission 24: Death's Hand (Finale)
- Epsilon Mission 23: Reality Check
- Epsilon Mission 24: Babel (Finale)
- Foehn Mission 05: Vanishing Point
- Foehn Mission 06: The Remnant (Finale)
- Foehn Special Op: Time Capsule

To celebrate this major campaign-concluding release, we've recently released a new trailer. Check it out!

As always, there's been many balance changes, new units, structures and powers added to the tech tree, as well as additional bugfixes and visual enhancements. See the full changelog here for more information.

Yuri's Grand Kremlin Palace and the Black Guard

As such, as of version 3.3.6, Mental Omega includes:

- A completely new faction: The Foehn Revolt
- Free multiplayer services through CnCNet5
- 12 subfactions with their own unique sets of units
- 16 unique stolen tech units, 4 per faction
- 97 single player missions, including a campaign for Yuri
- 36 cooperative missions explicitly for 2 players
- 22 challenge maps for solo or 2 players
- a challenging AI, and an overly challenging AI
- new skirmish/multiplayer maps, around 650 total
- new skirmish/multiplayer game modes, 21 total
- heavily updated visuals & sound effects
- new soundtracks, unique for each side
- properly working save/load functions!

Yuri's Tower - The Mental Omega Device

The complete list of everyone involved to both larger and smaller extent in making Mental Omega 3.3.6 a reality is available here. This is a work of a team with some of the most excellent mission scripters in the Command & Conquer modding community, and I'd like to thank each and everyone involved for sticking around for all these years and making this happen. Thank you! - Speeder

The next update, 3.3.7 will mostly contain bugfixes, further balance changes and optimizations. While I'd love to announce the next chapter of this story immediately, currently I'd prefer to make no such promises.

We all thank you for being a fan for all these years!
For now however, this is it. The war is over!

Hello everyone! Multiples visions, multiple purposes! I guess that's not the expression that you were expecting to hear from us, but this is how we summarize this news.

Today we are launching the second birthday gift for Project Perfect Mod, which is not just one site: we are launching 4 new sites as a result of a major site engine update. Our objective is to allow PPM to extend its content without losing its focus. Here are the recent additions to Project Perfect Mod Group:

- Project Perfect Mod: Command & Conquer: Our dedicated Command & Conquer modding hub at https://cnc.projectperfectmod.com

- Project Perfect Mod: Tiberian Sun: Our dedicated Tiberian Sun modding hub at https://sun.projectperfectmod.com

- Project Perfect Mod: Red Alert 2: Our dedicated Red Alert 2 modding hub at https://ra2.projectperfectmod.com

- Project Perfect Game: Our dedicated game development hub at https://www.projectperfectgame.com

Right now, they are just a subset of Project Perfect Mod, after all, we have to start somewhere. However, our engine upgrade allows them to have their own exclusive news and content, which should happen soon enough, especially with the newly released Project Perfect Game.

We have also upgraded our news engine to provide news from RSS feeds and that extends to our hostees as well, if they desire.

And depending on the response of our community, we can create other subsites for other topics of interest. Graphics creation anyone?

I hope you enjoy the new places and we will soon develop more content for them.

Hello everyone! Today, September 30th is PPM's 21st anniversary! It's that very old story where 21 years ago we started a Tiberian Sun mod that was never finished, and no one knows anymore where to download it, called PPM: Final Dawn. We transformed this place into a community that did everything except PPM: Final Dawn. Note, however, that I still plan to finish this mod one day, in a long term.

We usually celebrate our birthday with gifts. Unfortunately, these gifts delay on most of the years. This year won't be different. The reason, this time is not the COVID-19 pandemic or my Ph.D. dissertation. It is my barbecue toasted computer that is awaiting a new motherboard to be resurrected. Once it returns, we'll bring some good surprises.... and the cake! Yea, guys, I can't upload the new cake this time. I'll place the one from the last year temporarily and update this post once my computer returns.

Update 1: My PC has been repaired and I've already implemented the first of the birthday gifts on the site. It is not new content for those who browse the forums, however, quite useful for Red Alert 2 modders. And now you'll find it under Red Alert 2 -> Resources, the PPM Halloween Assets, PPM Winter Holliday Assets and the PPM Tropical Themed Assets collected by Master Haosis. The cake has been updated accordingly.

The credits for today's cake goes to this site

Allies Revenge 2 port for CnCNet
Aug 24, 2021 - 23:25
ToasterC has posted a port of AR2 for CnCNet today.

AR2, also known as Allies Revenge 2, is a mod that was developed by the good people from Derelict Studios (like Chrono, Godwin, etc) for Yuri's Revenge. The last version, 5.0, was released a very.... very long time ago, like 17 years ago, back when people played mods on XWIS. The mod was abandoned. Its official site no longer exists, although the forums still exist but nobody posts there for a while. So, ToastersC job is an AR2 fan work like few others. But this one is definitely more promising since CnCNet support adds more than just the ability to play it at CnCNet. He has uploaded it here. Here's the official (fan) announcement:


It's been 17 years since the last public release of AR2. That's...a long time. So I'm happy to say that you can now download the AR2 5.0 CnCNet/Ares port!

AR2 5.0 CNCNet/Ares Port

The gameplay experience of the original AR2 is almost completely untouched. The Genesis specialize in hovercraft, aerial units, and aura-based technology that allows them both to construct robotic soldiers and to heal their units rapidly. The Nemesis, on the other hand, are more of a brute force sledgehammer with powerful economic and vehicular capabilities. Both sides make use of the powerful alien substance Vinifera to power their war efforts, although Nemesis has taken the lead in Vinifera-based technologies.

There are a total of twelve skirmish maps in 5.0, each of which offers a pretty unique experience. You'll quickly learn that the AR2 team enjoyed adding extra 'twists' to multiplayer maps.

Most of the changes in the port revolve around integrating AR2 with the CnCNet client for online multiplayer, and with Ares to enable a few quality of life improvements/bugfixes. The internal errors that used to plague AR2 have been resolved as part of this port. As a small bonus, the manual has also been extensively re-edited to fix grammar, update gameplay information, and reflect the current status of the mod -- it is an excellent guide for anyone just starting out with AR2's gameplay.

For another showcase of AR2 gameplay, you can also check out last week's AR2 multiplayer stream.

Now that the port is out -- what does the future hold? I've enjoyed working on this enough and people have shown enough interest that I think it is worth continuing to develop AR2. That means there will be another release coming in the future, this time focused on making improvements and additions to AR2 content -- though this original version will always be available for download.

While I have many ambitions for the future of AR2, I aim to stay true to the original design intent of the mod as I understand it, based on collated information from old staff discussions. I'll also need help.

If you have art or mapping skills, or pretty much want to contribute to AR2 development in any capacity, please feel free to reach out. The more of a team that can be put together, the closer we can come to realizing an improved execution of AR2's original vision.

One final note -- you can now talk to other players and arrange games on the new AR2 Discord server. Until next time -- stay tuned for more details!

You can download it at ModDB. Have fun!

Phobos has been released!
Aug 22, 2021 - 18:23
Hello again! And this time we'll place the Tiberian Sun Anniversary in stand-by to talk about something interesting for Yuri's Revenge modders. Kerbiter has recently posted some interesting news about Phobos.

For those who are not aware, Phobos is an open-source extension to Ares that extends Yuri's Revenge modding possibilities. Kerbiter has released two versions: one that is stable ( and another one that is a development version (Build 22).

Regarding the stable version, here's what he had to say:

Phobos stable version hotfix v0.2.2.1 is released! Includes the following fixes:

- Fixed random crashes about CameoPriority (by Uranusian)
- Fixed trigger action 125 not functioning properly (by Uranusian)
- Fixed area warhead detonation not falling back to firer house (by Otamaa)
- RadSite hook adjustment for FootClass to support Ares RadImmune; also various fixes to radiation / desolators (by Otamaa)
- Fixed Crit.Affects not functioning properly (by Uranusian)
- Fixed improper upgrade owner transfer which resulted in built ally / enemy building upgrades keeping the player who built them alive (by Kerbiter)

Download at https://github.com/Phobos-developers/Phobos/releases/tag/v0.2.2.1

And regarding the development version:

Phobos Development Build 22 is released! This release also includes fixes from hotfix v0.2.2.1.

New changes since build 20:
- Initial Strength for TechnoTypes (by Uranusian)
- Re-enable obsolete JumpjetControls for TechnoTypes' default Jumpjet properties (by Uranusian)
- Weapon targeting filter (by Uranusian)
- Burst-specific FLHs for TechnoTypes (by Starkku)
- Burst delays for weapons (by Starkku)
- PowerPlant Enhancer (by secsome)
- Unlimited Global / Local Variables (by secsome)
- Allow NotHuman=yes infantry to use random Death anim sequence (by Otamaa)
- Ability for warheads to trigger specific NotHuman=yes infantry Death anim sequence (by Otamaa)

Vanilla fixes:
- Fixed DeathWeapon not detonating properly (by Uranusian)
- Fixed lasers & other effects drawing from wrong offset with weapons that use Burst (by Starkku)
- Fixed buildings with Naval=yes ignoring WaterBound=no to be forced to place onto water (by Uranusian)

Phobos fixes:
- Fixed extended building upgrades logic not properly interact with Ares' BuildLimit check (by Uranusian)

Download at https://github.com/Phobos-developers/Phobos/releases/tag/build-22

Project updates:
- We now have official Chinese translation of documentation which you can access at https://phobos.readthedocs.io/zh_CN/latest/ (by Uranusian)
- The debug config now supports attaching a debugger on game start. You need to detach Syringe first, can do via Process Hacker or VS itself (by Kerbiter)
- Added VSCode configs to attach debugger to gamemd.exe and to debug a dump (by Kerbiter)
- Added a VSCode task/script to update localization files (by Uranusian)

And you can contribute to make this project even better. Just download the latest Build 22, test it with your mod, your changes and provide your feedback to Kerbiter by posting at this topic or at the Phobos Chat section from C&C Mod Haven Discord channel. And happy modding!